Beef Strap


Beef Strap Chews Dog Treat are made of 100% beef from USA farms with no artificial ingredients or fillers. These sliced whole muscle treats are naturally tasty and a great alternative to rawhide chews. They deliver a satisfying crunch to promote healthy teeth and gums, and can easily break into smaller pieces for any size dog to enjoy. High in protein and low in fat, these Beef Straps are sure to satisfy the most carnivorous appetites.

Key Benefits

  • Made from 100% USA cattle with no preservatives added
  • Free from fillers, artificial colors and flavors for a delicious natural chew
  • Hand trimmed with fat left on the muscle for a richer flavor
  • Optimal moisture levels are maintained in the roasting process for a one of a kind texture
  • Never treated with any chemicals, bleach or formaldehyde