Deer Antler


Antler chews are nature's ultimate, premium dog chew. Each year, deer and other antlered animals shed their antlers in association with an annual regeneration process. Brought on by seasonal changes and biological hormone fluctuations, these shed antlers are then gathered and hand cut into various sizes for your dog's chewing pleasure.



100% natural deer antlers are the perfect chew toy for puppies, aggressive chewers and large dogs because of their extreme durability and hardness. Due to their composition, it is exceptionally difficult to split or chip antlers.

  • Good for teeth, bones, gums, coat and overall health by providing rich sources of calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine, chondroitin and other beneficial minerals and nutrients
  • 100% natural - no additives, artificial coloring, or anything unnatural!
  • Able to last for weeks, months and even years
  • Safer than traditional chews that splinter or break into little pieces
  • Allergen-free

But don't take our word for it – give one to your dog today!